Transaction history


What does the date show?

This is the date and time at which the system processed the transaction.

What is the description area?

This column explains the nature of the transaction. It could be a purchase, a cash out, or a bonus in/out transaction, depending on the activity that was performed at the time.

What does the amount show?

This is the amount involved in the transaction. For bonuses, the bonus amount usually shows up in this section and would be preceded by the 'purchase' transaction in a separate row.

What is the transaction ID?

This is a unique number assigned to each transaction. You can obtain complete details of a transaction using this number.

What does the status indicate?

This column tells you the status of the transaction in question. Most transactions are successful; only in rare instances will a transaction appear as unsuccessful.

How do I check my transaction history?

Log in to your account through our software or the partypoker website, then select the 'Transaction history' tile under the ‘Account’ section.

What are different kinds of transaction histories I can see?

There are five:,


  • Consolidated transaction history
  • Gaming activity history
  • Tournament buy-in history for registered tournaments
  • Tournament buy-in history for completed tournaments
  • Freeroll account activity


    Can I delete the transactions statement?

    No. These financial records are important information and cannot be deleted.

    Can I choose to hide the transactions details?

    No. This information has been provided so that there is complete transparency in all of your financial transactions. You can check it any time you like.