Account Balance and details

What is my real money account?

This account holds your real money balances. Your total real money account balance is the sum of your available, restricted and total in play balances. Available: This balance amount represents your real money account balance, and it can be taken to any game you choose. It is the maximum amount that you can cash out and does not include your in play balance. Restricted: A restricted balance means that your account contains an active cash out-restricted bonus for which the wagering or raked hands requirements have not yet been met. This amount can only be taken to the specified games listed under the restricted balance section in addition to your available balance. In such a scenario, you could use all or part of this amount for wagering/playing while at the same time satisfying the respective bonus conditions for its final release into your available balance. You cannot cash out this amount. However, you can include your deposit and winnings (apart from the bonus amount) based on the terms and conditions of the bonus offer.

What is the total in play?

This is the total amount of money that you had in play on game tables when you opened this window. Your in play balance can include your available and restricted balances.

What is the total account balance?

This is the sum of your available, restricted and total in play real money balances.

What is my play money account (shown in chips)?

This account includes your play money balances. All play money calculations are based on chips and do not offer any real monetary benefit.

What is the bonus account (pending release)?

A release-restricted bonus amount is added to your bonus account as an award and is held in your bonus account until you have met the release conditions associated with the bonus offer. This table displays the bonus amount along with the bonus code. For more details about your bonuses, click on the 'Bonus' tab.

How is a bonus account different from a real money account?

Your bonus account will display the list of bonuses issued to your bonus account. These bonuses cannot be used on the game tables until you have met the restrictions specified in the bonus offer. Once the restrictions have cleared, the bonus money will be added to the available balance so that you can take it to the tables.

When I buy in to a game, the game currency sometimes shows a smaller figure than that arrived at using the prevalent exchange rate. Why is this?

If your account currency is different from the game currency, we round your account balance to two decimal places when we convert it into the game currency. This applies to the 'Your bankroll' and 'Take money to table' fields in the buy-in window.The rounded figures are only displayed in the buy-in window. This process does not affect your actual account balance in any way.

Why do buy-ins of the same value sometimes get converted into different amounts in the buy-in window?

Very occasionally, the buy-in window will display an amount of 1 cent more or less than you originally used. Similarly, you may notice a difference in the cash in and cash out amounts.This is due to rounding issues caused by currency exchanges between your account currency and the game currency. Rest assured, it is not a fee, and we do not influence the rounding process in any way.

When is the restricted balance created in my real money account?

A restricted balance is created in your real money account as soon as a cash out-restricted bonus has been added to your real money account. This amount is called the initial restricted amount and can include your deposit amount, which is separate from the bonus amount.