Before hitting the tables, our Czech players are required to complete a three-stage verification process. Until full verification has been completed, a ‘verification status’ pop-up in the client will notify you as to what action needs to be taken in order for your account to be verified. Once all steps have been completed, the ‘verification status’ pop-up will disappear.

Until full verification is achieved, it will not be possible to withdraw funds, but you can still play on the tables.

Also, please note that once you have created an account, you have 30 days to complete the verification process. If verification is not complete within this time frame, you’ll have to begin the process again.

Follow the steps below to verify your account!

1. Player Registration Form

To begin the process please download the partypoker software and sign up using your personal details.

Once your personal details have been verified and approved, you’ll receive a notification via email alerting you to proceed with the next two stages – face-to-face verification & payment verification.

You may begin both face-to-face verification and payment verification immediately after your personal details have been verified.

2. Face-to-Face Verification

The simplest way to obtain face-to-face verification, also known as Customer Identification Performed by a Public Notary, or by Regional or Municipal Authority, is by visiting your nearest Czech POINT or a municipal office.

Please make sure you bring the following to the Czech POINT/municipal office:

  • A government issued photographic identification document (Passport or ID Card)
  • A second ID document as a backup (Photographic ID, Driver’s Licence, Utility Bill, Travel Card etc. issued in your name)
  • CZK 200 for the service – This will be refunded in full to your partypoker account once the full verification process has been completed.

You’ll need to show the Czech POINT or municipal office staff the following details:

  • Business name: King’s casino a.s.
  • Place of Business: Rozvadov č.p. 7, 348 06 Rozvadov
  • Company ID: 26366673
  • Purpose of the verification: setting up a user account with a gambling operator

We also offer a free face-to-face verification service at King’s Casino. Head over to the partypoker lounge during poker tournament registration hours where a member of staff will be able to assist with your face-to-face verification.

All you need to supply at the casino is your passport or national ID as there is no fee to pay.

Once you have obtained the completed face-to-face verification form, either upload the form in the client (on the verification status pop-up, after you sign in) or send an email with the attached document to customer services.

3. Payment Verification

Only the payment method used for your deposit can be verified.

In order to verify a bank transfer as a payment method, please provide us with a copy of a recent bank statement. Alternatively, you may provide an online banking screenshot. Documents must show your full name along with your International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

To verify an e-wallet as your payment method, please provide screenshot of the account statement of the wallet used to make the deposit.

For credit card verification, we require images of both the front and the back of the card. Please only display the first six and last four digits of the credit card number. The back of the card should have the code covered, and must be signed (unless it’s a Visa Electron).

As with the face-to-face verification form, either upload your document, which cannot exceed 5MB and either in JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF format, in the client (on the verification status pop-up, after you sign in) or send an email with the attached document to customer services.


What happens if I don’t confirm my identity?

We are forced to close your account if you don’t verify your account within 30 days.

I didn’t verify in time, what can I do?

Please register a new account and complete the verification.

What will happen if I have funds in my account when my account is closed?

If we are forced to close your account because you have not verified in time, we will automatically pay out any remaining funds from your original deposit amount to the deposit method most recently used.

Please note: winnings and bonuses obtained playing from a non-verified account that we have been forced to close will not be paid out and will be forfeited.

Is my personal information protected?

Yes, our site is protected by HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) so nobody else can see your information.

Need assistance?

If you have questions about the verification of your account please contact our Czech Customer Care Team.