Random number generator

The systems, algorithms, and practices at partypoker exist to ensure total fairness for every player on our site.

That’s why we use a powerful random number generator (RNG) to make sure our players all have the same chance of winning. A good RNG generates numbers that are:

  • Evenly distributed and not related to each other in any way
  • Unpredictable

Our Random Number Generator (RNG) operates at a high level of randomness to make sure all our players have the same chance of winning, so both the player and the online poker room are assured of complete fairness. All our online games use the RNG to shuffle the decks and generate the cards.

We use a secure, certified RNG implementation. Our RNG uses a well known algorithm to generate 32-bit raw numbers. These numbers are scaled and shuffled to generate a 52-card deck for each game.

iTech Labs has tested and certified the following for our RNG:

  • The raw 32-bit numbers generated by the RNG algorithm are statistically acceptable: Applying Marsaglia's diehard suite of tests on the raw numbers revealed statistical randomness.
  • The RNG algorithm and shuffling code were used to generate over 2 million shuffled decks. Chi-squared tests applied to the shuffled decks showed uniform distribution.
  • Further, all poker hands are captured from the live system on a monthly basis and chi-squared tests are applied. These tests have indicated that the RNG continues to operate correctly.
  • iTech Labs has also verified the RNG source code to ensure that the RNG internal state is secure and the seeding is from an entropy source.

Should you have any further questions about our RNG or the fairness of our games, please contact our Customer Care team.