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Progressive Knockout tournaments


Reduced Rake on Progressive Knockout MTTs

partypoker has removed the rake from the bounty element of Progressive Knockout (PKO) MTTs, meaning there is more money to be won for every player you eliminate in these popular KO events.

Because we don’t rake the bounty, all of our bounties are bigger, which means more money to be won by our players.  The prizepools for finishing in a placed position remain unchanged.

Example $109 PKO MTT
Previously: $50 prizepool contribution, $50 KO contribution, $9 fee
Now: $50 prizepool contribution, $54 KO contribution, $5 fee

What are Progressive Knockout tournaments?

Progressive Knockout tournaments, or PKOs, are action-packed tournaments where the more eliminations you make, the more money you win! For every player you eliminate you’ll win a cash prize, while your own bounty increases - leading to a frantic finish where every hand can mean megabucks.

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