How to Play

Multi-table tournaments (MTTs)

For many poker players, multi-table tournaments are where the real fun is.

For a set fee and buy-in you get a fixed number of chips, so your bankroll doesn’t have to be huge to take part. But with lots of players competing, the prize pool can be impressive, giving more people the chance to win.

As the name suggests, you’ll start on one of many tables, moving round as spaces open up, until you find yourself on the final table. Then it’s up to you – do you play to the finish or cut a deal for a guaranteed win? Either way, prizes range from cash to chances to play big live games in Europe or Vegas.

Reasons to play multi-table tournaments include:

  • Control your spending with fixed buy-ins that can start at absolutely nothing
  • Lots of players mean lots of prizes
  • A chance to qualify for big money tourneys for a fraction of the cost
  • Win trips to Europe or even Vegas to play big live tourneys
  • Choose from over 500 multi-table tournaments every day