How to Play

Welcome to the Poker School

Bluffing, table position, hole cards, advanced theories: playing poker can be a maze of confusing techniques and terminology. Luckily, navigating it is easy when you know how – and you’ll get that knowhow with our Poker School.

Getting going

Don’t know your hole card from your flop? Then start with our 60-second introductory video.

Every hand is an education

There’s no doubt that playing is a great way to learn but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to skip ahead with a little reading. If you want to know how to play the hand the game deals you, read about starting hands.

Playing nicely with others

There are some things you do in poker and some things you definitely don’t. Find out how to keep your foot out of your mouth with our poker dos and don’ts.

Keeping an eye on your money

Managing your cash can be the difference between loving and losing the game. Find out how to play to your strengths with bankroll management tips.

Speaking the lingo

What’s the difference between ‘fifth street’ and ‘the rainbow’, being ‘short stacked’ and ‘under the gun’? Use our poker glossary to brush up your vocabulary and throw a few phrases around the table.