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Poker dos and don'ts

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As successful players know, good etiquette is essential at the poker table. It helps everyone get along, gives you more hands per hour – and there’s usually a tactical advantage too.

General poker etiquette


  • Act decisively. Stalling holds up the game and could signal lack of confidence (a big no-no in poker)


  • Talk too much. Other players won’t appreciate the distraction, and you might be giving away more information than you think

Online poker etiquette

When you’re online, a bit of banter often adds to the atmosphere – as long as you’re not giving too much away. Here are some tips for using our live chat feature without throwing your game.


  • Respond to other players, but be savvy and stay focused
  • Keep it positive. A good attitude helps make things sociable, and gives the impression that luck’s on your side


  • Give away your level of experience – either directly or by commenting on someone else’s play. Bad idea
  • Ditto your emotional state. Poker face = poker keyboard
  • Chat in capital letters – it comes across as shouting and makes you sound, frankly, A BIT MAD
  • In tournaments, especially the later stages, keep chat ‘from the rail’ (the spectator area) to a minimum

Finally, if the live chat is distracting you, turn it off. Job done.

House rules

At partypoker, we think poker should be fun for everyone, which means showing respect towards others. We won’t put up with swearing or abuse.

Someone bothering you?

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