How to Play

Advanced tips

If you were to ask one of the top poker players about the secrets to their success, they'd probably send you packing. Why on earth would they give away information which could be used against them?

Expertise in poker is built over time, and the more you play the better you'll become at assessing the table, choosing which tricks and tips would be useful and where. Here, we will walk you through the attributes a winning player possesses, what ways you could improve your overall game and the tell-tale signs to deduce which players are the weakest links. Having them in the back of your mind will prove invaluable and give you a competitive edge over your friends and acquaintances.

Here's a brief overview of the related links which will help you make the right decisions:

Working on your game

Players like yourself with little experience can elevate themselves to a higher level, even if it's just the next table up. All you need is some optimism, determination and an easy-to-follow guide. This section informs you about balancing the books, playing live, conquering your fear of intimidating players and playing for the right reasons.

Attributes of a winner

Professional players are a combination of sportsmen and businessmen, succeeding in an area which requires equal parts discipline, endurance and luck. How do they do it though? From money management to hand selection, psychological awareness to the initial table selection, here we have 10 attributes you could benefit from having.

Spot a fish

In terms of poker, a 'fish' is a weak player who doesn't know what they are doing and is liable to get eaten up. Their lack of experience can prove disastrous for them. This section goes into detail about not only the ways to spot a fish, but also how you can adjust your play accordingly, even if it's to show them some support and help them out.

Raising your game

Regardless of whether you're new to poker or not, overlooking important details is a rookie mistake. Here’s our list of 30 common mistakes you might be making and how you can improve your performance.

Improve concentration

Focus, focus, focus. One of the biggest problems poker players face, regardless of experience is concentration. Here, we suggest ways to help you build up your mental strength and improve endurance.